for surfbird
for surfbird
Hello! We are Yura and Ellina, together we are filmmakers living in Lisbon. We have been creating videos in different genres for more than 7 years.

We found your brand on Instagram and want to make interesting content with you! There is our commercial proposal with ideas, references and terms.

What do we suggest?
1- Small stylish documentary film about surf-culture, Portugal and of course your school:

  • film and camcorder effects
  • friendly vibes
  • timing around 3-4 mins, but it would be easily splitted on short several reels for social media
2- Several atmospheric videos atmospheric videos reflecting the concept of the school, its main tasks, and attractive for potential customers:

  •  timing is  no longer 30 sec
  • film effect
  • trendy music

Visual and storytellings references for our suggestions:
As we are new to Lisbon, our main goal now is to create nice cases with video for local brands and we are open to negotiate the conditions. Please contact us, if you are interested, so we can meet and discuss the ideas.