for maquette
for maquette
Hello! We are Yura and Ellina, together we are filmmakers living in Lisbon. We have been creating videos in different genres for more than 7 years.

We found your brand on Instagram and want to make interesting content with you! There is our commercial proposal with ideas, references and terms.

How do we see you?
Elegant and intelligent brand, which appreciates high quality and romantic style.
Graceful aesthetic with the warm south vibes helps to attract customers who are trying to find their personal look and distance themselves from fast-fashion.
Stunning design refers to European cinema, in these dresses you can easily imagine the characters of Monica Belucci, Penélope Cruz, Gina Lolobrigida, Marion Cotillard, and etc.
What do we suggest?
In our opinions, it would be interesting to look at your brand from the new side with the help of documentary genre of video while keeping your content style:
1- We suggest you make serial reels, where overvoice will tell how brand philosophy explains several important words, such as “beauty”, “minimalism”, “style”, “confident”, “Portugal” and etc:

  • timing is no more 40 sec
  • slow editing pace
  • documentary shooting techniques mix with fashion shooting techniques
2- Make several videos with main brand vibe (something like you already have - atmosphere videos which “sell’ the image):

  • timing is no more 25-30 sec
  • dynamic editing style
  • film effect
3- Show customers a little bit of yourselves. We suggest making a small documentary about owners. Shortly about their history, about things that they appreciate, about being Portuguese:

  • one video with timing around 5-6 mins, but it will be splitted for Instagram for short theme reels
  • mix of documentary and fashion shooting techniques
  • film effect
  • interview
  • slow pace of editing
  • sound design

Visual and storytellings references for our suggestions:
As we are new to Lisbon, our main goal now is to create nice cases with video for local brands and we are open to negotiate the conditions. Please contact us, if you are interested, so we can meet and discuss the ideas.