for june studios
for june studios
Hello! We are Yura and Ellina, together we are filmmakers living in Lisbon. We have been creating videos in different genres for more than 7 years.

We found your brand on Instagram and want to make interesting content with you! There is our commercial proposal with ideas, references and terms.

How do we see you?
A studio with its minimalist style, which is inspired by the south, while at the same time, which has the practicality and aesthetics of the Scandinavian regions. Interesting furniture that you will not find in large manufacturers attracts a client who appreciates the beauty and simplicity of things, while maintaining the freedom of space.
What do we suggest?
1- An image video that will introduce you, your aesthetics, your story to potential customers. We offer to make it in trendy documentary style, with the addition of aesthetic art shots that will contrast with the rest of the story:

  • timing is around 5-6 minutes, but it can be splitted for short reels for social medias 
  • film effect
  • interviews
  • documentary shooting techniques
  • slow pace of editing
  • sound design
2- short videos that reflect your brand philosophy and illustrate your works:

  • timing is around 30 sec
  • minimalist color-correction
  • slow and calm pace of editing

Visual and storytellings references for our suggestions:
example how art episodes can look - these are not literal examples, but rather options for how a brand/organization can be presented in a short format
As we are new to Lisbon, our main goal now is to create nice cases with video for local brands and we are open to negotiate the conditions. Please contact us, if you are interested, so we can meet and discuss the ideas.