for Ena
for Ena
So as I can see your song it is about inner reflection of some past days, shattered memories and maybe even redemption.

As I see our video now, is's about abstract visual metaphors rather than clear plot. But anyway we need to have a basis and I think the dive into the past, reversing time can be the one here.
I wanted the baseline narrative to be simple here, like a usual walk. Maybe not with this warm adventure style where the character shoots with the vintage film camera, but still a simple action, but with interesting details.
And the more I listened to your song the more I saw a picture of you walking through the city in dusk or twilight time. And if your movement seem normal, everything else goes in reverse.
I tried to find some nice references, but had no success.
Only this one, but it's not the same I mean.
And of course if you saw a Tenet movie - it's more looks the way I see it in this video, but without so much action.
It's not the easiest way, but I think we are able to do it shooting some place with people or another moving objects and reverse it and using portable green screen to shoot you walking or singing in the same place to match the lightning.

Here is example how it works, but in our case in background everything will be reversed in time instead of being speed up and motion blured. (you don't need to watch it full - just first 2,5 minutes)
Here are some reference videos just for atmosphere

For visual metaphors I think we can use fire and water - the elements of renewal and purification and it will be looking nice in reverse. Like when in the beginning we see ashes and through the video we returning to this shot, and see how ashes turns to firing papers and then firing papers turns to diary pages or old photos.

I hope I was able to explain my idea clear. If you like it, we will think over the individual details next.