for coppola pizza
for coppola pizza
Hello! We are Yura and Ellina, together we are filmmakers living in Lisbon. We have been creating videos in different genres for more than 7 years.

We found your brand on Instagram and want to make interesting content with you! There is our commercial proposal with ideas, references and terms.

How do we see you?
Modern pizza place, which is on the same wave with the audience. Content in retro vibes style creates a warm and cozy atmosphere and helps reduce the distance between staff and customers. 
Place is not only about the pizza but also about spending time together. About young stylish and active people who appreciate good food, good drinks and good company as well.
What do we suggest?
1- We think, it would be interesting to give a client little bit behind the scene of pizza and drinks making, but to do it in your retro vibe style:

We see it as a series of reels:
  • timing is no more than 30-40 sec
  • hits of the past for music & small sound design
  • dynamic editing with putting an attention on high quality ingredients
  • film effect
2- Clients like to think that restaurante is not only about making dishes, but also about friendly staff with a Friends TV-show vibe. We suggest to create several reels about your staff:

  • timing is no more than 1 min
  • genre - micro documentary film
  • short story about themselves with overvoice 
  • film effect
  • editing with changing of shooting style
3- Clients looking for places, where it would be cozy to take a seat. We suggest to make couple videos with interior and atmosphere to catch their attention:

  • timing is no more than 15 sec
  • trend music
  • dynamic editing
  • film effect

Visual and storytellings references for our suggestions: - good example for shooting style changing - good example for short stories about the team members
As we are new to Lisbon, our main goal now is to create nice cases with video for local brands and we are open to negotiate the conditions. Please contact us, if you are interested, so we can meet and discuss the ideas.